2018: The Year The Database Went Autonomous

A look under the covers of Oracle Autonomous Database shows a few of the ways it works. Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully managed cloud service. Like all cloud services, the database runs on servers in cloud data centers—but in this case, on hardware called Oracle Exadata Database Machine that’s specifically designed and tuned to run Oracle Database for high-performance, high-availability workloads.



Google’s Nod to a Universal Translator Was a Smart First Move in a Bid for AI Dominance This Year

Google’s big play at CES this year is a bevy of upgrades to Google Assistant (and feel free to read “big play” as a child might, as its chief attraction was an actual roller coaster). Leading the pack of said upgrades is Google’s new Interpreter feature, which allows real-time translation in 27 languages.



A fresh crop of productivity apps are trying to reinvent our workday

“At a fundamental level, many of these apps aren’t built atop new technologies like touchscreens or AI so much as they are reinventing anew the way most of us still get our work done — typing on a physical keyboard and in front of a monitor. In this new environment, workers aren’t satisfied with the apps IT gives them anymore.”


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