Russian grand master Karjakin eyes rematch with world chess champ Carlsen

Karjakin failed to qualify for the 2018 World Chess Championship, but said he is determined to inflict defeat on the seemingly invincible Norwegian chess legend.

Undoubtedly, I would like to beat Carlsen,” Karjakin said, TASS reported.

I will do everything possible to reach this goal. Last year I was close to being selected for the World Chess Championship, but failed to do that.


DOD audit sparks new financial database

The database pilot program will include the inspector general’s 2,371 audit findings, and also adds a layer of transparency. Budget analysts will be able to click on an DOD agency and see all the transactions the organization made for spending to date, Norquist said. Additionally, analysts will be able to run queries on the transactions and look for patterns, as well as progress on corrective action plans across the services and agencies.


Mongolia Partners With Stablecoin to Use Blockchain for Lending Services, Money Transfers

The pilot program is scheduled to be launched within the next six months, and will start in the city of Ulaanbaatar’s Nalaikh District, with plans to expand throughout the whole city. The article also states that the program within the Mongolian capital will contain both peer-to-peer payments and mobile payments.


Harnessing the Power of AI to Speed Drug Discovery and Development

Artificial intelligence (AI), with its vast computational power, predictive analytics and ability to rapidly sift through drug-discovery data, could help speed the discovery of new therapies and offer relief to people impacted by brain disorders.

Game of Obsession: The Eternal Question of Chess

Brin-Jonathan Butler’s spellbinding new book, The Grandmaster: Magnus Carlsen and the Match That Made Chess Great Again, an exploration of the 2016 World Chess Championship, and the rivalry between reigning world chess champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Russia’s Sergey Karjakin. Butler’s quest to catch the eccentric Carlsen at the “height of his greatness,” leads him to a world that is at once as frightening as it is beautiful, and by far transcends the legacy of any individual chess player.


2018: The Year The Database Went Autonomous

A look under the covers of Oracle Autonomous Database shows a few of the ways it works. Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully managed cloud service. Like all cloud services, the database runs on servers in cloud data centers—but in this case, on hardware called Oracle Exadata Database Machine that’s specifically designed and tuned to run Oracle Database for high-performance, high-availability workloads.


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