DeepMind’s superhuman AI is rewriting how we play chess | WIRED UK

Enter DeepMind. The Google-owned AI company’s AlphaZero is a paradox. AlphaZero taught itself chess (as well as go and shogi) starting with no knowledge about the game beyond the basic rules. It developed its chess strategies by playing millions of games against itself and discovering promising avenues of exploration from the games it won and lost.


Werner Vogels: Traditional databases like Oracle now history: Amazon CTO

According to Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Werner Vogels as the Cloud continues to drive down the cost of storage and compute, a new generation of applications has emerged, creating a new set of requirements for databases, since there are different services for clients and businesses, also AWS connect cloud providers can help enteprises work more effectively.

“Unlike traditional databases which claim to solve every possible scenario, we believe in giving more choices to the customers who are constantly looking for databases like Couchbase that can solve a particular problem set for them,” Vogels told IANS in an interview.

riminal complaint reveals some of the steps Apple takes to protect product development secrets

We learned last week that a second Apple employee has been accused of stealing trade secrets from the company’s Project Titan research into self-driving car technology. The FBI was called in, and the criminal complaint now filed by the FBI reveal some of the steps Apple takes to protect product development secrets …

Criminal complaint reveals some of the steps Apple takes to protect product development secrets


JavaScript is most popular programming language

HackerRank released the 2019 edition of its annual Developer Skills Report and said that Javascript had overtaken Java as the world’s most popular programming language.

The report was based on surveying over 71,000 software developers from more than 100 countries.HackerRank asked developers which programming languages they knew and which ones they wanted to learn.  More than 73 percent of developers said they knew JavaScript in 2018, up from 66 per cent in 2017. JavaScript was 2018’s most well-known language, compared to Java in 2017.

World chess governing body vows Israelis will always have right to compete

Newly elected President of the Athens-based Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE – World Chess Federation) Arkady Dvorkovich, expressed his ongoing support to root out antisemitism and continued to ensure that Israelis will have the right to compete in all competitions held by the FIDE, during a visit to Israel last week.

Former Russian Chess World Champion Vladimir Kramnik Retires

Russian chess grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik, undisputed world champion in 2006, regarded as one of the strongest players in the world, announced on Tuesday he was retiring from professional competition. “I already decided to finish my professional chess career a couple of months ago and now, after having played my last tournament, I would like to announce it publicly,” he said on the website of the Tata Steel Chess tournament that ended in the Netherlands on Sunday.

Israeli cloud storage solutions co Pliops raises $30m

Israeli cloud storage solutions company Pliops today announced that it has closed a $30 million Series B financing round led by Softbank Ventures Asia with participation from all Series A investors including Intel Capital, State of Mind Ventures (SOMV) and Viola Ventures, along with strategic investors Western Digital Capital and Xilinx. The oversubscribed round brings the total invested in Pliops to date to $40 million, including the October 2017 Series A funding of $10 million.

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