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Convergences have long been a staple of progress, from multitools to kitchen implements to every other As Seen on TV striver. Surely some medieval archer fashioned a backscratcher out of a bow. But over the last year or two, the combinations have come more quickly, and grown both increasingly outlandish and outrageously useful. For that you can thank—or curse, depending on your tolerance for novelty—a confluence of factors.


DOD audit sparks new financial database

The database pilot program will include the inspector general’s 2,371 audit findings, and also adds a layer of transparency. Budget analysts will be able to click on an DOD agency and see all the transactions the organization made for spending to date, Norquist said. Additionally, analysts will be able to run queries on the transactions and look for patterns, as well as progress on corrective action plans across the services and agencies.


New physics AI could be the key to a quantum computing revolution

Quantum computing is one of the most exciting technologies there is, but its basis in quantum physics makes it a pain in the ass to understand and even harder to do anything with. A recent breakthrough in physics research, however, might change all of that and start a computing revolution.

A Look at Cloud Mining Contracts: Are they a Good Investment?

Basically, when the bitcoin mining is done using the data center with shared power processing then it is known as Cloud Mining. Every process involves by-products and in mining, it is because of the energy required to drive the ASIC or GPU rig. Bitcoin mining is one of the most popular mining methods; the reason it is far from the traditional method. How?