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New physics AI could be the key to a quantum computing revolution

Quantum computing is one of the most exciting technologies there is, but its basis in quantum physics makes it a pain in the ass to understand and even harder to do anything with. A recent breakthrough in physics research, however, might change all of that and start a computing revolution.

A Look at Cloud Mining Contracts: Are they a Good Investment?

Basically, when the bitcoin mining is done using the data center with shared power processing then it is known as Cloud Mining. Every process involves by-products and in mining, it is because of the energy required to drive the ASIC or GPU rig. Bitcoin mining is one of the most popular mining methods; the reason it is far from the traditional method. How? 

First Post on a New Word Press on a New Site

Been laboring to move some sites to a new server with a new set up. With all that needed to be done, one of the victims of the move was my old site. This is a fresh Word Press Installation and I will try to do something with it. For now this post will have to show what I mean. Looking at the server logs, I see that there are a few pages that are still accessed from the old site. Email me at if there is a page that is really wanted.