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Werner Vogels: Traditional databases like Oracle now history: Amazon CTO

According to Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Werner Vogels as the Cloud continues to drive down the cost of storage and compute, a new generation of applications has emerged, creating a new set of requirements for databases, since there are different services for clients and businesses, also AWS connect cloud providers can help enteprises work more effectively.

“Unlike traditional databases which claim to solve every possible scenario, we believe in giving more choices to the customers who are constantly looking for databases like Couchbase that can solve a particular problem set for them,” Vogels told IANS in an interview.

Israeli cloud storage solutions co Pliops raises $30m

Israeli cloud storage solutions company Pliops today announced that it has closed a $30 million Series B financing round led by Softbank Ventures Asia with participation from all Series A investors including Intel Capital, State of Mind Ventures (SOMV) and Viola Ventures, along with strategic investors Western Digital Capital and Xilinx. The oversubscribed round brings the total invested in Pliops to date to $40 million, including the October 2017 Series A funding of $10 million.

Microsoft announced Thursday that it has acquired Citus Data

  • Microsoft announced Thursday that it has acquired Citus Data, a startup that uses PostgreSQL, a database management system that’s popular with developers.
  • This move is another sign that Microsoft is investing in open source technologies,and follows its $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub last year.
  • This acquisition could also give Microsoft Azure an edge over Amazon Web Services as it would help Microsoft with running open source workloads with more power and scale.


Autonomous Database: A DBA’s New Best Friend?


This is a time for DBAs to look up from patching, tuning, backing up, and other database maintenance tasks that can take most of a DBA’s time and take stock of just how much their expertise means to the increasingly data-driven organization they work for, says Andy Mendelsohn, Oracle’s executive vice president of database server technologies.


2018: The Year The Database Went Autonomous

A look under the covers of Oracle Autonomous Database shows a few of the ways it works. Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully managed cloud service. Like all cloud services, the database runs on servers in cloud data centers—but in this case, on hardware called Oracle Exadata Database Machine that’s specifically designed and tuned to run Oracle Database for high-performance, high-availability workloads.


A fresh crop of productivity apps are trying to reinvent our workday

“At a fundamental level, many of these apps aren’t built atop new technologies like touchscreens or AI so much as they are reinventing anew the way most of us still get our work done — typing on a physical keyboard and in front of a monitor. In this new environment, workers aren’t satisfied with the apps IT gives them anymore.”