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A fresh crop of productivity apps are trying to reinvent our workday

“At a fundamental level, many of these apps aren’t built atop new technologies like touchscreens or AI so much as they are reinventing anew the way most of us still get our work done — typing on a physical keyboard and in front of a monitor. In this new environment, workers aren’t satisfied with the apps IT gives them anymore.”

AWS adds blockchain and time-series databases

“The days of the one-size-fits-all monolithic database are behind us, and developers are now building highly distributed applications using a multitude of purpose-built databases. Developers are doing what they do best: breaking complex applications into smaller pieces and then picking the best tool to solve each problem. ” – Amazon CTO Werner Vogels


Most In-Demand Developer Skills For 2019: Upgrade Yourself

The highest reason for rejection of candidates in IT interviews is lack of knowledge in trending skills.

62.1% of developers are open to new opportunities but won’t look for them actively.

90% of developers have stated that they are partially self-taught.

65% of developers learn new coding languages through tutorials on YouTube channels, the most widely used platform to learn coding.

Young Developers show interest in learning 6 new languages besides the 4 that they usually know, the ratio reduces to 3 for developers above the age of 35 years.