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Artificial Intelligence

Adobe’s new AI technology claims to answer questions you didn’t know you had

The majority of Adobe’s revenue comes from its Digital Media business, which includes creative cloud software such as Photoshop. Marketing software is included in the Digital Experience business, which generated $614 million in revenue in the most recent quarter, with 21 percent growth year-on-year.

Google is using AI to predict floods in India and warn users

“A variety of elements — from historical events, to river level readings, to the terrain and elevation of a specific area — feed into our models,” writes Matias. “With this information, we’ve created river flood forecasting models that can more accurately predict not only when and where a flood might occur, but the severity of the event as well.”

The great AI duopoly By Nathan Gardels

Kai-Fu Lee is the chairman of Sinovation Ventures and the president of its Artificial Intelligence Institute: “The AI revolution will have two engines — China and the United States — pushing its progress swiftly forward. It is unlike any previous technological revolution that emerged from a singular cultural setting. Having two engines will further accelerate the pace of technology.”

Announcing AI for Humanitarian Action, a new $40 million, five-year Microsoft program

“The initiative will harness the power of AI to focus on four priorities – helping the world recover from disasters, addressing the needs of children, protecting refugees and displaced people, and promoting respect for human rights. Our AI for Humanitarian Action program is part of Microsoft’s AI for Good suite – a growing $115 million, five-year commitment to work to unlock solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges with artificial intelligence.”