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Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the Power of AI to Speed Drug Discovery and Development

Artificial intelligence (AI), with its vast computational power, predictive analytics and ability to rapidly sift through drug-discovery data, could help speed the discovery of new therapies and offer relief to people impacted by brain disorders.

Google’s Nod to a Universal Translator Was a Smart First Move in a Bid for AI Dominance This Year

Google’s big play at CES this year is a bevy of upgrades to Google Assistant (and feel free to read “big play” as a child might, as its chief attraction was an actual roller coaster). Leading the pack of said upgrades is Google’s new Interpreter feature, which allows real-time translation in 27 languages.


These AI-Generated Cars Will Melt Your Brain

“We propose an alternative generator architecture for generative adversarial networks, borrowing from style transfer literature. The new architecture leads to an automatically learned, unsupervised separation of high-level attributes (e.g., pose and identity when trained on human faces) and stochastic variation in the generated images (e.g., freckles, hair), and it enables intuitive, scale-specific control of the synthesis.”