Sentry Book Project

Submit your memories of the USAF AWACS to the Sentry Book Project.

The address is:

Use the body of the email or attach Txt files, Word files, or PDF files. No images needed at this time. All submissions become property of the project.

An illustrated printed book version of selected submissions will be made available at cost in 2021 (Date TBD). The eBook versions will be available in 2021 (Date TBD). All submissions will ultimately be gathered, indexed, and made available online to researchers.

Topics to write about? The mission, the service, the people, the places.

For those who don’t want to write out reminiscences, one recommendation is to use a phone or tablet to record the information and then use text recognition to convert the audio to text. Below is a list of currently available apps for Android and iPhone.

Otter – Free app and transcription subscription of $9.99/month or $99.99 per year. Android (free) | iPhone (free)

TranscribeMe – Free app and from $0.10/per minute for transcription. Android (free) | iPhone (free)

Temi – Free app and $0.10/per minute for transcription. Android (free) | iPhone (free)

Rev Voice Recorder – $1/minute for transcription. Android (free) | iPhone (free)

Search for the apps on the appropriate app store

The Sentry Book receiving email will be active until December 31, 2020.

E-3 Sentry exercise Green Flag 2012 (Cropped)

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