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Roger Ver: ‘Undercover US Government Agents Go on LocalBitcoins and Arrest People’

Roger Ver is one of the most famous personas in the crypto industry. He calls himself “the first investor into the crypto industry,” being involved with it since 2011. Studying computer science and economics “as a young man” helped him understand the technology behind Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Are Building Tools for Better BCH Fungibility

The team says they have been steadily trying to find a solution for the liquidity problem with a bot that shuffles coins for people when there are not enough participants tumbling coins. The developers say they have been contemplating other ideas like incentivization techniques similar to the Coinjoin protocol.

The Prophets of Cryptocurrency Survey the Boom and Bust

Among a certain subset, it was both fashionable and integral to ignore the fluctuations in price. The idea was to build and shore up a new system—for everything from payments and banking to health care and identity—that was either a replacement for the old one, or at least an alternative to it, one that was borderless, independent of state control and of exploitation by Big Tech.