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How to Know When Your Gut Instinct Is Reliable

regularity to learn from—chess playing and a marriage:

“Intuitions of master chess players when they look at the board [and make a move], they’re accurate,” he said. “Everybody who’s been married could guess their wife’s or their husband’s mood by one word on the telephone. That’s an intuition and it’s generally very good, and very accurate.”

Star Trek: Why Discovery’s Technology Is So Advanced

Some of this can be explained away by arguing that Discovery is a science vessel, and more likely to have experimental tech – like the Spore Drive itself – that may prove problematic and be discontinued. But in truth, it reflects that Star Trek has always been a futuristic series. Back in 1966, massive viewscreens and hand-held communicators were the stuff of science-fiction. Nowadays, they’re commonplace, meaning Star Trek has to embrace new technologies in order for its science to still look advanced.

Magnus Carlsen On The Ancient Appeal Of Chess And The Opportunities Of A More Modern Game

I believe that chess can combat many challenges we face today: fractured attention, indecisiveness and a shortage of grit and discipline brought on by too much screen time. Technology has forever changed the way we live, learn and play. Our children have insatiable appetites for fast-paced, action-packed entertainment, and it often feels as though we are watching powerlessly as their patience and critical-thinking skills suffer.