Artificial intelligence hates the poor and disenfranchised

Machine learning algorithms, whether in the form of “AI” or simple shortcuts for sifting through data, are incapable of making rational decisions because they don’t rationalize — they find patterns. That government agencies across the US put them in charge of decisions that profoundly impact the lives of humans, seems incomprehensibly unethical.

Jeremy Gardner: ‘Bitcoin Is No Different Than Money Systems Today, Except That It May Be Better’

“The reason why Bitcoin was initially adopted — the reason why Bitcoin and blockchain technology exists today — is that it exists for primarily one reason and one reason only. People don’t like to say this, but it’s because of the dark markets.”

New physics AI could be the key to a quantum computing revolution

Quantum computing is one of the most exciting technologies there is, but its basis in quantum physics makes it a pain in the ass to understand and even harder to do anything with. A recent breakthrough in physics research, however, might change all of that and start a computing revolution.


Regulators are discouraging trading in cryptocurrencies while they explore legislative frameworks. This is opening up economic space that smaller nations are looking to fill, by welcoming investments in cryptocurrencies, launching their own sovereign ones and steering clear of heavy-handed regulations. Success could transform them into cryptocurrency tax havens and safe spaces, and models for smaller economies of the future.

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